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A Global Team with a Global Mission: See Inside zkipster

If you ask anyone at zkipster what their goal is, you might get any number of different replies: keep things simple, make them work, help event planners create amazing experiences, build the best event management software possible. But at the core of it is one mission we all share: helping event professionals around the world create perfect guest experiences

Creating that perfect experience is no small task, which is why the tools we build are designed for each of the key steps along the way. From sending out beautiful custom invitations, to seamlessly managing guest lists pre-event and on-site, easily setting up seating and name badge printing, and then getting insightful analytics on how it all went down.

Anything less than top-notch tools for each of those steps could easily flub the experience. At zkipster, it’s always about delivering exactly what event professionals need to ensure that doesn’t happen. As David Becker, CEO and Co-Founder of zkipster, puts it “At the best events in the world, there’s so much at stake. On a red carpet, on a televised event, on a global movie premier. If things go wrong, our clients would lose their jobs.”

Part of what keeps the team so energized and excited about making the best tools for the world’s best events is the massive response from event professionals who try zkipster and discover it’s the right match. Thanks to the fiercely loyal subscriber base, active in over 100 different countries, David says that “zkipster is what it is today because it has been passed on, it’s been a viral and organic growth of referrals.”

And that is felt by everyone on the zkipster team. Even though the whole team is strategically spread around the major event capitals of the world, from New York and Hong Kong to London, the shared enthusiasm is palpable.

“We’re not in the same room, but we’re all working toward the same goal. And everybody can feel that, and that’s very powerful” David says with a smile – even when the team is dialing in to the global monthly meeting from eight or more different locations around the world at once. But that’s all in a day’s work serving the event community worldwide.

This article originally appeared on Zkipster, click here to check out more awesome articles by them


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