The Hong Kong Company Guide to Company Set Up

So you’re planning on setting up a private limited company in Hong Kong. There are few regulations in Hong Kong making company set up relatively simple, but it still requires some expertise and time to handle, so it is essential to understand what is needed - but where to start?

iNCUBEE | LCCS, in collaboration with WHub, now brings you a guide designed to help entrepreneurs understand the different concepts behind company formation in Hong Kong. Download it now!

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The Hong Kong Company Guide to Company Set Up

will help you understand the different concepts behind Hong Kong company formation. Whether you decide to use a service provider to set up or to do it yourself, it is important to understand what is required so you may set up your company with ease, saving you effort, time, and money better spent developing your business.

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During its lifetime a company has many needs, whether it be set up or maintenance, finding employees, office space, an accountant, etc. While not necessarily difficult some expertise is required for such administrative matters to be dealt with in a timely and effective manner ensuring the proper running of a company. A qualified online corporate service provider like iNCUBEE | LCCS can assist to handle these matters so time challenged entrepreneurs can focus on developing their business. Need help to set up or maintain a HK company? Check out

Desiree Da Silva

Desiree Da Silva, iNCUBEE | LCCS

WHub is THE authority on the Hong Kong startup ecosystem. Whether you want to know more about or connect with the local startup community, their friendly team is always willing and available to help. Being a startup ourselves, WHub has provided us with many opportunities to showcase ourselves, to connect with the right people, and even to find staff! We’ve been working closely together for some time now, and are excited for more collaborations to come.

Diane de Beaudrap

Diane de Beaudrap, WHub

iNCUBEE | LCCS has always been incredibly active in the startup ecosystem and a long term, trusted partner of WHub. They are key players in the startup space, and stands out by providing quality and affordable corporate services and solutions online. Their professional and intuitive platform allows you to set up, maintain and manage your company from anywhere, from any device with confidence.


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